FIRST LEGO League Explore Expos

FIRST LEGO League Explore expos provide an opportunity for teams to showcase their work and meet other teams who share a similar interest in science and technology.  Expos provide a venue for positive sharing, learning, laughing, and celebrating!  An expo can be as simple as a meeting of a team, families, and friends to share what was learned. Or, an expo may include many teams sharing in a public venue.  Larger expos offer teams an opportunity to share and learn from one another.

What is a FIRST LEGO League Explore Expo?

  • Expos are non-competitive. There is not a game and children do not compete for specific awards.
  • A typical event lasts approximately two to four hours.
  • Volunteer Reviewers visit with each team, check out teams’ Models, and ask questions. This process is not meant to overwhelm the children – teams are reminded that the reviewers are looking forward to learning from them!
  • In Newfoundland and Labrador, FIRST Robotics NL works with schools and organizations to organize expos where teams can showcase their work at a school or organization gathering.

2019 Winter Expos

In Winter 2019, FIRST Robotics NL organized FLL Explore Expos at the following schools:

  1. St. Matthew’s Elementary – St. John’s
  2. Holy Name of Mary – Lawn
  3. Rennie’s River Elementary – St. John’s
  4. Holy Cross Elementary – Eastport
  5. Mary Queen of the World Elementary – Mount Pearl