City Shaper

Designing the Buildings of the Future

Attention, builders of tomorrow! Let’s design and build better places to live and work for everyone. Combine your problem-solving skills and creativity in the 2019/2020 CITY SHAPERSM season, where you and your friends will shape a better future – together.

CITY SHAPER Kick Off Video

Challenge Description

Architects design and construct buildings.  They combine science and art to make buildings and structures for their clients.  Sometimes they make new buildings and sometimes they redesign old ones. They work as part of a larger team, just like yours. Structural, civil and environmental  engineers make sure a project suits its site. Construction workers like electricians, plumbers and carpenters, and project managers make sure the job stays on time and within budget.  Every role is important to get the job done.

Our cities and towns face big issues, like transportation, accessibility and even natural disasters. How can we shape a better future for everyone?  It will take teamwork and imagination.  Are you ready to build a better tomorrow together?


Take care: You will find the complete descriptions of the Robot Game Missions and the innovative project from this year on in the Team Meeting Guides and Engineering Notebooks. The guides and notebooks support teams by going through the 12 team sessions step-by-step and include great tips and hints.

During the season you will work on the different parts of the educational program and you will complete all parts of the challenge and present your results to judges on the tournament 
Robot Game, Robot Design, Project, and Core Values

Robot Game

During the Robot-Game your team will:
  • Identify Missions to solve.
  • Design, build and program a LEGO Robot to complete the Missions.
  • Test and refi ne your program and design.

Your Robot will have to navigate, capture, transport, activate, or deliver objects. You and your Robot will only have 2½ minutes to complete as any Missions as possible. So, be creative!

 Find more details in the Engineering Notebooks, Team Meeting Guides and on Robot Game.

Research Project

In the Innovation Project, your team will:
  • Identify a problem with a building or public space in your community.
  • Design a solution.
  • Share your solution with others and then refine it.

At official events, your team will present your Project, including the problem, your solution, and how you shared it, in a 5-minute presentation.

Find more details in the Engineering Notebook, the Team Meeting Guides and on Research Project

Robot Design

In Robot Design, your team will:
  • Show the judges how you built and programmed your robot.
  • Explain how you found the solutions for design and robot building.
  • Answer the judge’s questions about your robot.

In robot design, you explain your robot to the judges and how you constructed and programmed it.  Judges will have 5 minutes to ask questions about your robot.

Find more details in the Engineering Notebooks, Team Meeting Guides and on Robot Design

Core Values

Throughout your season, you’ll be guided by the… FIRST® Core Values.We express the FIRST®philosophies of Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition® through our Core Values…
Find more details in the Engineering Notebooks, Team Meeting Guides and on Teamwork
FIRST LEGO League Core Values

Click below for more information about this year’s season and challenge on the FIRST website:

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