FIRST LEGO League Newfoundland & Labrador (FLL-NL)

The FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Program in Newfoundland & Labrador has been active for more than 17 years introducing students to robotics, programming, and solving scientific and real-world challenges.  Each year, FIRST LEGO League (FLL – NL) organizes a large Annual LEGO® Robotics Competition in partnership with the Skills Canada Newfoundland and Labrador(SCNL)and the Skills Canada Intermediate Challenge (SCIC) at the end of November at the College of the North Atlantic with 20 – 40 teams from across Newfoundland & Labrador attracting 400 – 500 students, volunteers, and parents.  

Details of this year’s competitions is HERE.

FIRST LEGO League NL Robotics Competition

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Team Registration Steps

STEP 1:        Sign Up on FIRST Website

  1. Click HERE to sign in with your existing username and password OR
  2. To REGISTER a new user account.
  3. A team can be registered by updating an existing team profile (for returning teams – please use existing team number from previous years) or by creating a new one (if this is first time participating).  Here is a useful Registration Video from FIRST Robotics Canada.
  4. Make sure to look for any RED items which mean you need to complete some aspects.

STEP 2:        Complete Youth Protection Plan (YPP) Screening Process

 Each team is required to have TWO SCREENED adult coaches. Coach screening is done through the FIRST Youth Protection Program (YPP) registration process (at no cost). Details of the YPP is HERE.

This video will help to guide you through the screening process. Both coaches are required to complete the screening, but your “passed” status remains valid for 36 months so coaches who have already been screened within the past 36 months need only accept the updated terms and conditions for YPP.

STEP 3:        Pay for your team’s FLL Registration and Challenge Kit

Return to the Dashboard and look for “Outstanding Tasks” (those RED items). Payment will be an option. There are various methods of payment including credit card, bank account, cheque or purchase order.  Here is a use video highlight the payment process from FIRST Robotics Canada.

You can also purchase your EV3 Robot set at this time if you wish. See the Sample Budget and video explaining what to buy.

STEP 4:        Skills Canada Intermediate Challenge (SCIC) Registration

Teams who intend to compete in the FIRST LEGO League Robotics Competition MUST register with Skills Canada Newfoundland & Labrador Intermediate Challenge.  This registration is now online below:

Skills Canada Newfoundland and Labrador

Please note the following important details:

A. Affiliation Form
To participate in SCNL Competitions, you must read the online Affiliation and assign an individual from your school as the Liaison to Skills Canada NL. The School Liaison will need to review the online regulations available in this google document and click they have acknowledged they understand their role.

B. Pre-registration
With Pre-registration please note that returning the form does not commit your school to participate, rather it
is an expression of interest. Once all forms are received, SCNL will determine the final list based on the
level of interest

Once registered SCNL will then send your school individual waiver forms to be filled out by the team.