FIRST volunteers energize the future.

As part of our global robotics community, FIRST® volunteers empower students to embrace discovery, innovation, and collaboration. They work side by side with FIRST participants to develop their leadership and problem-solving skills and foster self-confidence. FIRST volunteers energize and inspire the next generation to use these skills to build a better future – and along the way, volunteers get energized and inspired themselves.

The power is yours. This is the moment to energize the future.

All FIRST teams and competitions are powered by many incredible volunteers! We can’t do it without you!  Help inspire the youth of today and make all our FIRST robotics tournaments fabulously rewarding and life-changing.

Join the fun today by mentoring a team or volunteering for an event:

Event Volunteers

If you want to empower the next generation of changemakers and innovators, there is a spot for you as a FIRST® volunteer!

FIRST® LEGO® League volunteers are part of a global robotics community preparing young people for the future. Even if you only have a few hours to give, your contribution can make a difference. Working side by side with FIRST participants, volunteers play an important role in shaping young minds and inspiring students to achieve




Are you an adult who has a passion for robotics? FIRST programs are driven by the involvement of adults who inspire and learn alongside student participants on every team. If you are interested in competitive robotics, fill out the form below and we can match you with a team in your area.

As a Mentor or Coach of a FIRST team, you are, through the kids, the key ingredient in the success of your team. Your contribution to the success of FIRST programs and ultimately to the success of FIRST is immeasurable. The time, responsibility and expertise of a Mentor or Coach will vary but the one constant is that you are bringing something to your team that they need to learn, grow and succeed.

A Mentor/Coach:

      • Is a person of any age, teaching others what they know
      • Can get involved in any FIRST program available
      • Brings either technical or non technical expertise to the team
      • Provides the opportunity for students to learn directly through experiences
      • Begins as a teacher, evolves into a colleague
        Knows that Mentoring and Coaching is about inspiring and guiding
      • Provides students the environment to succeed
      • Is patient, supportive, enthusiastic, compassionate and available
      • Remembers what’s important – it’s about the kids and they come first

FIRST has developed The FIRST® Mentor Network, which is community platform providing new and returning teams access to passionate, engaged mentors, while giving mentors the opportunity to use their unique skill sets and have meaningful involvement with one or more teams